life kicking monsters ABOUT „May I introduce... LIKIMO. Basically that is only me myself and my scissors. At least mainly. Besides that, my work contains one or another head of hair and all the sweet little idiosyncrasies and stories of my customers. Naturally hair takes the center stage of my work. It`s the material. Everytime in a different and proper way. As lively as the owner. But sometimes the trappings are at least as thrilling and unpredictable to me because there is always something to talk about and do.

life kicking monsters - those are my little daily experiences drawn together and edited for all you curious people. Funny anecdotes, short informations about hair and even plainly nice things that I want to share - you can read about them in my blog. Only a really good haircut you have to come and get yourself personally...“ Hair. Ladies. Gentlemen.
...and something to talk about. HOME ABOUT CONTACT Anna is a Hamburg based professional hairstylist specialized in the art of cutting hair. From 2001-2007 she worked at Vidal Sassoon as a top stylist for ladies. Since then she has been shaping her career at different salons and has extended her skills for classic barbering and hair styling techniques. She aquired her certificate as a make-up artist in 2004 and works as an independent hair and make-up artist these days.

Additionally, Anna successfully completed her Bachelor of Arts in communication and public relations in 2011. Combining hairdressing and communication skills seems most obvious to her as hair often talks its own unique language. Anna loves to advise her clients on how to communicate by having the right hairstyle for every individual personality - it is so important to feel comfortable with yourself! Contact Facts About Home Copyright © 2014-2019 LIKIMO